Chicago Garbage Rebate Program

Posted: 10/13/2011


Dear Alderman,

I am writing you to complain about the proposed abolishment of the City of Chicago's Garbage Rebate Program for Associations. As a condominium owner, I disagree with the proposed discontinuation of this rebate. As a resident of the City of Chicago, I should not have to pay for trash removal twice - through my taxes and through my Association. As you know, the City of Chicago will not pick up trash from condominium buildings, such as the one I live in. The $75 per unit helps offset the cost that my Association pays in private scavenger fees, but it does not cover the entire cost. If the rebate is discontinued, then I will be paying the City for a service that I do not utilize and that is unjust. 

As my alderman, I ask that you represent me and vote this proposal down. I ask that you let Mayor Emanuel know that this is not a fair proposal for condominium owners.

Respectfully yours;

Association Name



City of Chicago Garbage Rebate Program - Fight to Keep It!!! 

Rosen Management Services is asking for your help in fighting Mayor Emanuel's proposed discontinuation of the City of Chicago's Garbage rebate program. Each year your association is entitled to a $75 per unit rebate from the City. As part of your property taxes you pay for trash pickup but since you live in a condominium building the City does not pick up your trash and you are required to hire your own scavenger service to remove your garbage. The City offers the rebate to offset the out-of-pocket expense your association incurs for your scavenger service. However, Mayor Emanuel is proposing that in 2012 the rebate be discontinued. So in reality you are paying twice for your garbage to be picked up.

In order to keep your garbage rebate, we need you to vocalize to your alderman that you do not want this program discontinued. You can find your alderman through the City of Chicago website. The City of Chicago's Website provides four options to help you find your alderman:

If you disagree with the Mayor's proposal, please write, email, tweet and/or call them to complain. Please do this as an individual. The more condominium owners that voice their opinion, the better the chance you have to keep the rebate. Don't assume your neighbor or board will do this for you.

You can also post a complaint on the Mayors Facebook page, tweet him at @RahmEmanuel, email him at and/or send him a letter at City Hall 121 N. LaSalle Street, Chicago, Illinois 60602.