Web Based Software

We provide advanced technology at no additional charge that can be specifically tailored to the needs of the Association. Some of the features include:

  • Personalized website for each Association 
  • Real-time access to reports for Board Members both for financial and managerial information 
  • Individual secure log-in for each owner with online account access 
  • Documents section on the website provides downloadable PDF files such as rules, minutes, agendas, and more
  • Events calendar for the Association includes posting of meeting dates, project dates and regular maintenance services such as window cleaning, exterminators, and more
  • A FAQ (frequently asked questions) section
  • Direct links to other websites (i.e. The City of Chicago, Utilities, etc)
  • The ability for owners to fill out forms and make requests on-line
  • Notices broadcast to owners via the internet, which saves on postage and copies
  • On-line pay of assessments through credit card or one-time debit from an owner's bank account
  • Monthly property management newsletter