Below you will find recommendations, testimonials, and positive feedback from some of our Owners, Board Members and Vendors we do business with. These quotes are taken directly from e-mails, LinkedIn, and other review sites.    

I just wanted to give a HUGE THANKS to everyone for their input going into, and during this meeting. Getting a meeting with the developer and coordinating our schedules to get there was difficult, and I thank you all for making the time to attend. All the hard work we have put in over several years, and never pnce letting them off the hook is starting to pay off. I think we made great progress today. Al, thanks for the great job representing us and strategically discussing our position. And a very special thanks to the Rosen team -- you inherited this and you stepped up to the plate; you made sense out of years of documentation and put it in a format everyone could understand and that they could not deny.

L.M. Board President, March 2013

On these difficult, snowy weather days- our sidewalks are consistantly clean and clear. It's 6am and our sidwalks around Wolcott are cleared already. I just want to say how wonderful and consistant the maintenance guy has been all season, he is awesome! Please give him the kudos he deserves for being so great. It is so appreciated to have clean, safe sidewalks to walk on. Thank you.

J.K. Owner, February 2013

Peg - You're great to work with... I think you should teach these other management companies how to get organized!

D.A. Real Estate Agent, December 2012

Thank you so much for solving our damage issue in timely manner. Me and my family are happy they did a great job all thanks to you

S.R. Owner, November 2012

Thanks for all your hard work. Although we may not say it, everyone in the building appreciates your help.

S.W. Owner, November 2012

While I cannot speak for any of the other owners, I think you are doing a very nice job managing our building. Having lived in and owned managed bldgs of all sizes, I can truly appreciate the behind the scene efforts that go into managing a residence of any size.

E.L. Owner, October 2012

I have always appreciated your great quality work in maintaining the building clean, and well presentable, and have always been glad to have you as the management company.

E.B. Owner, August 2012

The lobby looks amazing. I'm very impressed. Thank you for all that you do for our association. Much appreciated!!!

N.P. Owner, July 2012

I have known Mike LoBono for 15 years. I worked closely with Mike during my 15 years of volunteer service on our HOA Board. During those years, I service as Vice-President and for the last ten years as President.

Throughout the years, Mike consistently provided excellent advise and expertise on every issue the Association faced. The list of issues is extensive including to compliance with city/county/state ordinances, landscaping beautification projects, painting projects and large scare efforts such as a complete roof replacement for the entire Association. Additionally, Mike provided sound, fiscally
responsible budgetary advice which positioned the Association to always have healthy reserves.

I can confidently state that because of Mike LoBono's efforts, our property values have been maximized even during the recent economic downturn. And in the final analysis, what more could be asked of a Property Manager.

R.N., Vice President
May 2012

It was nice speaking with you today. Thank you for all of the information about the condominium. I appreciated your help! I look forward to a pleasant association in the future.
C.C. Owner, May 2012

I had the pleasure of working with Joanne for the last 5 years now. I find her to be an incredibly personable and professional individual. While I understand the hectic nature of her job, Joanne is fantastic about following up on service requests and is always helpful and knowledgeable. She is an incredible asset to Rosen Management and I am very grateful that she is the representative of our Association.
I.M. Owner, April 2012

I would like you to know what wonderful people you have working for you. We are so pleased to have Larry April as our Property Manager. He is top rate. We also had the honor to meet Nikki Mueller. She is professional and delightful.
D.A. Owner, April 2012

Nick: You and Yesenia literally saved our Association from financial ruin during 2011 for which we are deeply indebted to you and all of the Rosen staff. One year ago, our Association was in dreadful shape both physically and financially due to the negligence of the previous managers, but you really effectively turned the place around. Hiring professional contractors who performed their work professionally and at affordable rates helped us weather the City of Chicago storm this year.

One can say Wallen looks like a well maintained vintage Rogers Park Condominium complex and with your continued efforts, I believe that you and the Rosen staff will make our Condominium the kind of place that we can bring family and friends to show them with pride how nice a vintage building can appear. With the good appearance and a sound financial balance sheet, it will follow that the property values will also improve as the economy improves.

Thanks again for all that you did during 2011. I look forward to working with you again in 2012. All the best.

J.W., Board Member, January 2012

Gina: Thanks for the great job this past year with the Haverford building. I enjoy the Rosen Reader with all its important information

L.B., Owner, December 2011

I wanted to tell you how thankful Mike and I to you and your team for the wonderful job you've done managing our building. When we bought our unit last spring, we could not imagine that we would be receiving an assessment reduction - that is simply phenomenal. Thank you so much for all of your hard work.

E.S, Owner, December 2011

My husband and I reside at the Skokie Terrace Condo Complex and am pleased to say that we are thrilled every day that Rosen is our building's management company. We have found Rosen to be attentive, professional, competent, prompt, and most importantly of all.. so very very pleasant to talk to over the phone! A rarity among management companies in our opinion.

W.H. & A.H., Owner, October 2011

Chuck:  I wanted to acknowledge you for continuing to respond in a cival way given the attitude and less than mature input from a couple of the board members.  While they may feel they have lefitimate reasons to gripe, there is no call for their manner of speaking, and from my perspective, you have handled the situation like a professional.  Thanks for that. And, of course, thanks, in a big way, for all your effors, in the midst of the flak, in getting a difficult job done, and especially, seeing it through to the end.

F.R, Board Member, October 2011

Ron and Dagmara, Thank you for letting us know!! Appreciate the work you do to help us make our neighborhood safe!

T.G., Owner, October 2011

"Hi, very helpful articles....especially for bids." (RE: Rosen Reader Newsletter)

R.O., Owner, September 2011

"Thank you for including us. I love your newsletter! It has a lot of very good information." (RE: Rosen Reader Newsletter)

B.S., Vendor, August 2011

Hi, Dagmara, I want to tell you how much we appreciate all of your efforts on our behalf. Randy told us what a keen negotiator you are, and it's much appreciated. We are very fortunate to have you handling our Association. Thank you so much!

J.P., Board President, August 2011

"Please give our thanks to the Rosen manager (Veronica Robles) who responded in the middle of the night to Jon G. during the flooding and getting that outfit here immediately. Having that equipment here immediately saved us from mold. Considering everyone in Chicago flooded, it was amazing to have that service here on the spot."

D.K., Board President, July 2011

"Just wanted to say thanks for your help with this, it was great to have your support!"

A.C., Owner, July 2011

"Hi Jackie, I was just picking up the phone to call you when I saw your email. Many thanks for your timely reply. I appreciate your response regarding the hallway hole. Did any of the units on the fourth floor report leakage? As always, Jackie, many thanks for all your efforts on our behalf over the years. Rosen Management has always met our resident needs in a timely and professional manner. It's all been most appreciated."

M.V., Owner, June 2011

"As a resident and Board President, it has been a pleasure working with Dagmara. She is extremely personable, professional and well organized which helps keep our building running smoothly. She has helped us through many small and large projects at the building, all of which have been completed successfully, in a timely manner and within budget."

B.L., Board President, April 2011

"Great!!!!! Thank you Larry and Dagmara for all of your help!!!  I really appreciate it!!!  Have a wonderful day at Rosen Management!"

J.R., Board Member, April 2011 

"Peg - if you can believe it, we finally closed!! I can't thank you enough for your patience and efforts during what I found to be a grueling process. I think the sole remaining item I have open is the refund of the move-out deposit, which I am attaching to this email. Again, thank you so much for everything - working with you has been a pleasure."

J.L., Board Member, March 2011

"Please know how appreciative I am of your prompt follow up. It is a refreshing change for us all. Thanks and will talk with you again soon!"

G.B., Owner, March 2011

"Thank you Joanne Melissinas. This is good management at work. Keep up the fine service."

A.P., Owner, March 2011

"Hi, Randy and Dagmara, Well, this was quite a storm. Hope you haven't had too much trouble digging out--and now we enter the deep freeze phase! Thanks to both of you as well for keeping all of us informed of the processes that would occur during the storm, warnings for such things as clearing dryer vents, etc. It really is very much appreciated. We may not say it often, but we're very glad we have the Rosen Team managing our Association."

J.P., Board President, February 2011

"Just want to compliment you for the snow removal this morning. I was shocked when they arrived at our courtyard around 8:30 and were done shoveling fairly quickly, maybe by 9:00. A big thanks to you for your efforts! So often you hear complaints, so I wanted to be sure to say nice job on this one!"

L.R., Owner, February 2011

"Just wanted to say thank you. My driveway is plowed and they are now doing the sidewalk. Not an easy job, that's for sure."

N.M., Owner, February 2011

"Dear Rosen, Thank you so much for this reader. I think it is very helpful and an ingenious way to keep all informed"

M.G., Owner, February 2011
"Thanks again for the support and service over the past several years."

M.A., Owner, December 2010
"Thanks Randy, Happy Holidays to you and your family. Also, I enjoyed working with you for the 3 year period while I was on the Board." 

G.S., Owner, December 2010

"Dagmara supports me with the management of my Chicago real estate property. She does an excellent job. I am impressed with her tech skills and professionalism. She is proactive and performs her duties at an exceptional level."

N.P. , Board Member, October 2010

"Dagmara provided property management services to me for over 6 years. She was highly capable and trustworthy. Dagmara did a great job of being receptive to my needs. She was able to see the big picture and think of creative solutions to the problems she was charged with solving."

L.R., Board Member, September 2010

"I've worked in the contracting industry for 22 years and I've worked on hundreds of projects across the country with property managers. We've worked in Vegas casinos, retail stores at night, and large residential complexes. Typically one of the biggest impediments to a project running smoothly is the lack of communication and inexperience of the property manager.

Chuck turns that perception upside down. He drives his projects with his organization and understands the specifications in order to hold both the contractor and the client accountable. I am consistently amazed that we get same-day responses from Chuck on issues that usually take a significant amount of time to find the answer to from other managers.

Chuck takes the time to make sure the long-term issues and short term financial considerations are properly considered for his associations and the budgets.

Most of the benefits Chuck provides for his clients will never be seen when he meets with vendors, the attention to their project specifications being met, and the price verifications that he painstakingly goes through for each association.

Chuck would be an integral part to any association looking to run more smoothly and be managed with a vision that improves both the fiscal and aesthetic health of any association."

R.S., Vendor, September 2010

"Chuck is the answer to a Condo Board member's prayers. He represents us strongly with vendors, is thoughtful about processes when major issues need to be addressed and is easily accessible. He keeps us from getting too stressed about minor problems and makes sure we realize when small symptoms may mean more substantial issues. You would be lucky to have Chuck work for you!"

J.K., Board Member, May 2010

"Chuck Blatt came on board to manage our 17 unit vintage condo building that is small in size but big in terms of major projects that he inherited quickly. Chuck managed over $300,000 in capital improvements including a new roof, major masonry work and new roof-top decks. Chuck is a hard worker and very responsive which is a dying asset with most property managers we have worked with in the past. He is determined and sticks with an issue from start to finish. We enjoy his effort and pleasing sense of professionalism and highly recommend him based on his spirit and thorough skill set."

T.C., Board President, April 2010

Thanks that was so sweet of you. At first the Delta went through two management agencies and we finally found the perfect fit with Rosen. It has a lot to do with how great you and Veronica are. I cannot express it fully but I have relied on your hard work and expertise for many years now.

Thanks again.
M. C., Board Member, April 2010

"I've worked with Chuck for the past 5 years on a variety of different real estate projects which include: senior housing projects, multi family developments, hotels, gas stations, and office buildings. Chuck's ability to coordinate and manage multiple tasks at the same time is one of his best assets. Chuck has an eye for details. Chuck is very attentive to the building owner's needs and manages the various contractors efficiently. I would highly recommend Chuck for any real estate management or construction management project. He is a great addition to your team and you are getting the right person to get the job done."

J.J., Vendor, April 2010

"Chuck is responsive, thoughtful, and organized in supporting our building operation, a good combination of characteristics for a property manager."

J.F. Board President, April 2010

You're totally on top of it. Nicely done.  And since I'm doling out compliments... Tina, you did a nice job getting proposals between meetings.

D. B., Board Member, April 2010

Thank you... I have to say you are so nice and so helpful. Most people I deal with on questionnaires are not at all as helpful as you have been. I do appreciate it and it is very refreshing! Thanks!

D. E., Mortgage Broker, March 2010

We had a big issue about 2 weeks ago with a roof leak that traveled from the top floor all the way down to the basement (aren't the pipes supposed to burst this time of year, not roofs leaking?). Of course it happened on a weekend when our tenants weren't home. Even though we had no idea there was a problem until it was too late (good thing the neighbors have keys to get in!) Rosen took care of the issue and all that is left to do now is paint the ceiling to make it better again. This could have been much worse had it not been handled properly.

M.O., Home Owner, December 2009

Dear Randy: I'm new to this Condo Board business and I've had a ton of questions. I would like to commend Yesenia for answering them promptly, efficiently and always with a smile in her voice. When I send an email (and I've sent several) or call, she is prompt at replying, either by phone or return email. If she does not know the answer, she will get back to me in a timely fashion. Her multitasking skills are great. I feel confident knowing our business is being handled by her. Thanks!

D. R., Board Member, December 2009

Peg, I wanted to thank you for all your help gathering documents and answering questions over the last few weeks. Our closing went off almost perfect (there always has to be something!) I don't think I would have survived gathering those documents and figuring out what was what, without your help.

A., Home Owner, October 2009

Dagmara, Thank you, will do. I will have to say it's a real pleasure working with you and the Belmont association as some associations and management companies treat the retail owners as a nuisance no matter how accommodating and respectful I try to be. Thank you.

T. B., Home Owner, October 2009

Thank you Joanne and Jackie for all your time and help with this crazy gas situation!!

It's great to know that when an emergency comes up that you are always there for us. And a BIG Thank You to Art and Umut who respond immediately either in person or by phone. Their time and effort is also really appreciated.

Have a great weekend ladies, you deserve it. Let's hope all is quiet in our building for a long time!

B. P., Board Member, October 2009

Chuck, first of all you have done a great job of follow-up. What a change from our two previous mgt companies. You are a real professional and very easy to deal with.

R.F., Home Owner, October 2009

I am on the board of a 20-unit condo building in West Rogers Park. Rosen is by far the most competent and attentive management company we've used in the years I've lived here. Unlike the other companies we worked with, they have proven to be very reliable and responsive.

We have had some major maintenance/repair work in the past year, and we've been very pleased with their assistance in getting quotes from vendors. Requests for quotes are complete and specify exact work, so we know we're looking at "apples to apples" not "apples to oranges."

Our manager has always been quick to respond when an issue comes up at our building, whether it's a board issue or an individual owner having a problem. Their staff is knowledgeable about condo law and have given us good guidance through some difficult situations.

We are very happy with their service!

E.T., Home Owner, July 2009

Many thanks, Joanne. Again, we appreciate these reports and the proactive nature of your visits to the building.

B. H., Home Owner, February 2009

After nearly two years as a homeowner, I can say that Rosen Management has allowed me to keep my sanity.

They manage my condo building (and many others), and do a fine job. The building is kept clean and tidy, there is someone on call in case of emergencies (i.e. bad flooding last summer after storms, etc.), and every time I email with a question they get back to me the very same day.

They manage the building very responsibly, keeping very adequate reserves in case of catastrophe. This is important when one is buying a condo, as the stability of the association and the reserves plays into the value and risk of the purchase.

In the 2 years I've lived in my building my assessments have gone up a mere $10, and I have never been hit with a special assessment. All the while our entire roof has been replaced and several amenities added or enhanced. They take the initiative to support the board in small projects such as community gardens, trash removal issues, etc. All things I do not have to concern myself with, if I choose not to...the joys of only owning the interior of a place... Bravo!

The full-time maintenance man has been at the building since before I moved in, and is fantastic and friendly. I think low turnover speaks volumes, especially in that capacity. I honestly think he shovels the snow before it falls. I've never seen any on the sidewalks.

C.C., Home Owner, March 2008