Posted: 7/28/2016

Summer brings a lot of foot traffic in and out of the house. If you've ever wished for a mud room to make coming and going cleaner and more efficient, but haven't had a room to devote to it, check the following tips for creating a mini mud room.

* Keep in mind that the larger the rug or mat, whether indoors or outdoors, the more dirt it will collect. You may also want to add a shoe scraper, which some swear by for keeping floors cleaner.
* A crate with a mat inside makes a better boot holder than the standard boot tray. Summer generates dripping rain boots, but this idea obviously works year round.
* Keep old towels near the entry way for drying wet, dirty dogs before they enter.
* Hang as many hooks and shelves as you can on the walls in your most frequented entry way. Make the most of every inch of floor space by finding coat racks, bins, stools, benches, book cases and organizers that work the hardest with the smallest footprints. If there isn't enough space for all outdoor needs, switch contents seasonally - now being the time to replace hats, mittens and scarves with swim suits, sunscreen and bug spray. Baskets on surfaces help contain things used most often.
* Consider a shoe holder on the inside of a coat closet. It may not be beautiful, but works hard holding hats, camera, bug spray, flashlights, sports equipment, etc.
* Any closet that has extra space above the top shelf is begging for additional shelving, especially since stand alone pieces can be added so easily.