Changes in Chicago

Posted: 5/25/2014

City Sticker Renewal Changes

2014 City Sticker renewals were sent out recently and you may have already received yours.  Starting in 2014, the June to June sticker renewal has been eliminated for all City Residents except senior citizens.  The new renewal date will be set six months from the expiration date of each motorist's Illinois License Plate Registration.  Each resident will be given the option to purchase either a short term prorated sticker or an extended sticker.

These changes will help eliminate long waits during the few weeks leading up to the end of June while all city residents are buying their city stickers.  It will also help residents budget for these vehicle costs throughout the year.  For more information, click here

Free Sunday Parking Could End 

Free Sunday parking could go away in parts of Chicago such as Lakeview, Logan Square, and the north end of Lincoln Park. The change might happen if the request for restoration of paid parking made by four aldermen gets approved by the City Council.

Merchants in those areas are saying the free parking on Sundays is making it tougher for their costumers to find space to park when visiting their stores and restaurants. If the council approves the proposal, people will have to use pay boxes again, from 10 AM to 8 PM on Sundays along several busy thoroughfares,