The processing of the sale and refinancing of each individual condominium unit is a service that is provided by RMS.  Among some of the items required to process your sale or refinance are:

  • Condominium questionnaire forms required by all lenders
  • Disclosures forms required by law
  • Paid assessment letters and waivers of the right of 1st refusal
  • Current and prior year's budgets
  • Discussions with appraisers, mortgage brokers, lenders
  • Discussions with the sellers and buyers real estate agent
  • Discussions with and providing data to buyers and sellers
  • Move-in & move-out deposits
  • Move-in & move-out inspections
  • Copies of minutes
  • Copies of Rules & Regulations
  • Discussion with and providing data to buyer's and seller's attorneys
  • Processing requests for certificates of insurance