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September 2011

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  • Winterizing Your Home
    Posted: 9/27/2011
    We're on our way to the blustery days of winter and it's time to winterize your home. You can save money for that mid-February Caribbean vacation, as well as prevent damage, by adopting some very simple practices before the freezing temps hit the Midwest.

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  • How to: Clean Faucet Aerators
    Posted: 9/23/2011
    Using a faucet aerator can reduce your water usage by as much as 30 percent, and as it is not very expensive, it can be a money-saving investment. However, constricted or foul-tasting water may indicate the aerators in your faucets are clogged and dirty. Routine inspection of these small filters can be done by homeowners and will help to produce cleaner, healthier water.
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  • It's That Time of Year Again - Preparing Annual Meetings
    Posted: 9/20/2011
    The fall season brings many milestones to the year, but perhaps one of the most daunting is planning your Association's annual meeting. We'd like to provide a few tips to make the process run smoothly as well as encourage all residents to attend.
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