The Management Team

The strength of RMS lies within the team approach to managing your Association.

Each Association is assigned a Property Manager (PM) and an Assistant Property Manager (APM) who work in tandem to provide your Association with the best possible care and attention. Our PMs are both in the office and out in the field regularly to inspect and supervise projects. They are in contact with the APM who is in the office to handle calls and emails. This team approach works well to provide the best service possible.

Our PMs coordinate the daily operation of a portfolio of Community Associations in a courteous, organized, and timely fashion. They are highly-skilled in all aspects of Community Management including maintenance and operation, Rules enforcement, legal matters and collection, and owner relations. We also provide after-hours emergency services.

Our APMs are well-trained in facilitating the operation of the property and are able to assume responsibility for the property in the absence of the PM. This assures owners that there is always a qualified person available. APMs visit sites as needed and are familiar with the property.
Our team consistently works with qualified vendors to ensure proper operations of the property and deliver comprehensive and proactive customer service.

Through our team approach, you can be assured that we will provide you with the same high standard of service that RMS has consistently delivered to our clients since its inception.