Important Winter Reminders

Posted: 12/23/2013

Rosen Management Services would like to offer a few important reminders for this time of the year:

Driving in the winter

  • Always check the latest weather reports to know what to expect on the road, especially when planning long-distance trips or driving to isolated areas;
  • Have your vehicle inspected to make sure it's working properly and always keep at least half a tank of gas to avoid frozen gas lines;
  • Drive slowly. Everything takes longer on snow-covered roads. Accelerating, stopping, turning - nothing happens as quickly as it does on dry pavement. Give yourself time to maneuver by driving slowly.

Stay Warm

  • Always wear an extra layer of clothes, or remember to bring an extra layer when staying out for several hours, since temperature can drop pretty quickly;
  • Remember that children and the elderly have a lower tolerance for the cold weather and need more attention walking on snowy ground to avoid slipping. If they need to go outside, make sure they wear proper shoes and apply skin lotion and chapstick frequently;

Christmas Tree and Holiday Decoration Safety

  • Before placing a Christmas tree in the stand, cut 1" - 2" from the base of the trunk;
  • Make sure the tree is at least three feet away from any heat source, such as fireplaces, radiators or heat vents;
  • Be sure to add water to the Christmas tree stand daily;
  • Avoid placing breakable tree ornaments where small children or pets can reach them;
  • Only use indoor lights indoors (and only outdoor lights outdoors). Look for the UL label. Check lights for broken or cracked sockets, frayed or bare wires, and loose connections and replace or repair any damaged light sets;
  • Use no more than three light sets on any one extension cord. Do not run extension cords under rugs, around furniture legs or across doorways.

If Leaving Your Home to go on Vacation

  • Make sure someone who lives nearby knows you will be on vacation so they can keep an eye on your home while you are away and report any suspicious activity. It is a good idea to ask neighbors if and when they are leaving to go on vacation and exchange favors. If you ask anyone to stop by, DO NOT leave a spare key hidden somewhere. Make sure you give it to them in person before you leave;
  • Don't tip off criminals on the web - even if you keep your profile private on social network such as Facebook and Twitter, you never know if you are being hacked. Also, be careful with the message you record on your answering machine;
  • Suspend your mail service or ask a friend to pick it up while you are away;
  • Unplug all electronics.

Enjoy the season and be safe!