Five Mistakes That Can Make You Need a Plumber

Posted: 9/30/2013

Let's face it: Nobody likes to deal with an unexpected leak or a drain backing up. Having to hire a plumber is not fun and can also be pretty expensive. What most people don't know is that by breaking a few simple habits they can avoid needing that service. This article identifies the most frequent mistakes seen in homes all over the country so that you can avoid them.

1 - Your Garbage Disposal is Not a Trash Compactor
Not all garbage belongs in the disposal, yet some homeowners want to cram their waste down there until the blades stop turning. Watermelon rinds, potato peels, and pumpkin carvings are common items that plumbers and handymen have had to remove to free the blades. If you are hosting a party, make sure your guests are aware of what shouldn't be disposed down the drain.

2 - Don't Place Too Much Weight on Fixtures
Most people are very attracted to the idea of hanging a rack on their shower heads: No holes on the wall, no installation necessary. What most people forget is that too much weight will snap the shower head right off at the threads. If you do have a rack and you don't want to get rid of it, make sure only very light items, such as sponges and small bottles, are stored on it.

3 - Flushing Household Items Down The Toilet
Any veteran plumber can provide you with a very long list of odd items found in clogged toilets. When items get caught in the trap, the toilet has to be removed to retrieve them. Depending on the case, plunging can even make the problem worse by pushing the item into the waste line. Pay close attention when young children go to the bathroom since they don't really understand the damage that this caused by inappropriate items thrown into the bowl.

4 - Forgetting How To Put Things Back Together
Taking apart your plumbing components is easy - putting them back together is the tricky part. To avoid that, you can take digital pictures throughout the process to remember how to reassemble all the parts. You can also use written records and follow the steps to make sure everything is correctly back into place.

5 - Stripping Threads
Good plumbing is definitely not a test of strength. Pushing too hard on faucet handles or over tightening plumbing components can cause them to leak or break. Be very careful, especially with chrome and plastic materials, since it doesn't take much to have their threads stripped by too much tightening.

It takes little or no effort to change habits that can cost you a plumber visit. If, however, you do need a plumber, make sure you hire a qualified professional. If you need any help, contact our management team and they can assist you in finding a plumber you can trust.