Cozy Up Your Home for Fall and Winter

Posted: 10/7/2014

The days are getting cooler and crisp, the leaves are changing color... its official: Fall is here. Between cozy family events and friend gatherings, there will most likely be a lot going on indoors over the next few months. There is so much to celebrate in this beautiful, season that your home deserves to be dressed up properly for such special occasions. Keep reading to learn how you can cozy up your home for fall and winter:

  • Add throw blankets and pillows: This is a great way to add a splash of color to the living room and create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Use different sizes, shapes and patterns to make it fun. Play with texture by using chunky knit blankets and soft pillow cases.
  • Layer area rugs: Area rugs bring extra cushioning and warmth to your floors to ensure your feet won't be cold on tile and hardwood floors during fall wand winter. There are no strict rules to create an interesting look, you can mix and match the colors and patterns of your preference. Let the bottom rug poke out below the top rug to show the layering effect.
  • Spread candles around the house: Candles can create a beautiful lighting effect during the short days with less daylight. You might want to use them for decoration only, if you have pets or kids - something you also need to remember when you have guests coming over. Even if you choose to not light them, scented candles can still make your home smell great. Pick fragrances that go with the season, such as pumpkin, apple cider and cinnamon.
  • Add seasonal elements to the table: You can buy seasonal center pieces or you can simply put a mix of objects such as pumpkins, nuts and dry leaves to create a table long centerpiece that is rustic and stylish.
  • Treat your kitchen (or any other room!) to seasonal fresh flowers: When we think of fresh flowers we usually think of spring and summer, but some flowers, like chrysanthemums, can be ideal for fall. It can be a fun activity to go to your local farmers market and look for what is in season and get a fall bouquet for your home.

Cozying up your home can be an easy and fun project to do alone or with your family. Don't forget to take pictures and share with us!