Chicago, Cook & State fees to rise in 2013

Posted: 1/26/2013

City property owners and suburbs that buy city water face a 15 percent rate increase in water rates. Sewer charges, added to city property owners' bimonthly bills, will be 92 percent of the water tab, an increase of 3 percentage points. City homeowners will also see an increase in property taxes - on average $28 - because of a boost in the Chicago Public Schools levy to raise an extra $41 million for the cash-strapped district. In addition, the city is phasing out the rebate for condominium owners who don't get city garbage pickup.

Parking meter rates will rise in January for the fifth consecutive year as a result of a 75-year lease launched by former Mayor Richard M. Daley. The hourly rate downtown will be $6.50, a $.75 increase. In business areas near the Loop, it will be $4, which is $.50 more. In neighborhoods, the rate will be $2, a quarter-per-hour hike.

Meanwhile, a new city electricity bulk-purchasing plan is expected to reduce rates by about $20 a month for the average household from February through May. Starting June 1, when ComEd's power rates are expected to drop, the savings will narrow.