Building Community Spirit

Posted: 7/18/2012

Welcoming them not only exhibits the community spirit but it also provides them with a contact point in case they have any questions.

Associations can implement traditions revolving around major seasonal events, giving residents something to look forward to each year. Examples of these events include holding an annual 4th of July party or summer picnic at the community swimming pool or park. Another good idea is to organize an annual volunteer project by partnering the Association with a local non-profit organization that will allow residents to give back to their immediate community while having a good time with neighbors and friends. Have an Association rummage sale where participants can share the costs and sell their items no longer needed.

Have you ever thought of creating a neighborhood assistance program? A babysitting club, for example, can be a good way for the residents to provide assistance to others within the Association.

There are countless ways to build community spirit and contribute for a better HOA or Condo Association. Talk with Board Members and other residents to learn more about their interests and needs and define what works best for your community. Get involved, start today!