Beating the Winter Blues in the Windy City

Posted: 2/28/2014

The Windy City has been windier than ever. As much as we like to remind ourselves that the coldest days are behind us, we still have a few weeks of snow and low temperatures to deal with. If your cabin fever is starting to turn into snow rage, there are a few ways to beat the winter blues.



It's been proven that exercise releases the "feel good chemicals" in your brain, and the effects of a good workout can last for hours even after you shower. Since going outdoors is not an option, if you don't belong a health club you can buy a set of DVDs and start a fitness routine at home (alone, or even make it a fun activity with friends). There are countless options available for a very low price, you can pick something according to the time you have to devote to your workout and the kind of exercise you like the most. and Barnes and Noble bookstores are known for good deals on fitness videos.

Get Some Sun

Sunlight makes your body produce vitamin D and improves your mood, but what to do when the sun is so absent? Soak in whatever daylight you can get - sit next to a window when working on crafts, reading, or eating at a restaurant.

Start Something New

If the weather doesn't allow you to do much outside, work on personal projects at home and activities that stimulate your brain and can be done indoors. This is the time to try a new recipe, start a class, join a book club or paint and redecorate that room that needs some attention in your home. Social interaction will also make you feel better, so look for group activities or invite a friend or family member to join you.

Explore the City

Most museums in the city of Chicago offer free passes or reduced prices to Illinois residents certain days of the week. Take a quick tour on the internet to see dates and availability based on your schedule and location. Libraries and cultural centers can be a great option for kids, since those places usually have age related programs such as story time and art classes.

Keep in mind that there are ways to embrace the season and have fun even during the bad weather we've been experiencing. The sun WILL shine again, and the warmth of spring is just around the corner!