Avoid Freezing Pipes

Posted: 11/30/2014

The winter-like temperatures expected for the next few weeks always bring a risk for frozen pipes and heating problems. Don't forget to take the precautionary measures to stay away those issues: 

  • Check your radiators every two weeks for leaks and make sure the vent (metal piece on the end of your radiator that usually whistles when heating) is not blocked with dirt.
  • Always keep the valve on your radiator either all the way shut or all the way open.
  • Leave open the cabinet doors that hide pipes to allow warm air to circulate around the pipes.
  • If you leave the house, make sure the temperature inside is at least 50F.
  • If a hard freeze is expected, let your faucets drip slightly.
  • Shut off all outside spigots from the internal valve. Open the spigots up and let all the water drain out of the pipes.
  • Bring water hoses indoors to prevent the water inside them to freeze back into the spigot and reach your piping.

If a pipe does freeze, shut the main water valve off and call your management team immediately.